Enterprise Risk Management, edited by John Fraser and Betty Simkins

Autor: John Fraser and Betty J. Simkins. Comment by: Damián Falcone February 2013

The editors put together more than twenty essays written by academics and practitioners with a deep
knowledge on this evolving methodology. As you can see along the reading, this is not a pocket book; it
has more than five hundred pages divided in six sections and twenty-eight chapters. This book has two
remarkable attributes: the blend of academic and practical experience, and some lessons learned of the
subprime crisis. It has a holistic approach to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and covers all aspects:
the what, why and how of risk management. It succeeds in giving the reader a good framework on ERM,
and it offers a great deal of practical tools. Sometimes, such an ambitious works like this has the
disadvantage of being a bit light in some areas; in the case of this book, the coverage of financial risk is
somehow superficial


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